2022/07/18 16:19

Pallet wrapping solution is composed of infeed pallet conveyor, automatic turntable stretch wrapper, outfeed pallet conveyor. Top sheet dispenser, paper corner applicator or top platen device may be added into the system in some special circumstance. 

Conveyors can be roller, chain or plate, subject to customer empty pallet design and upstream conveyor.

Top sheet dispenser:

With automatic pallet wrapper, the pallet is wrapped on 4 sides, leaving the top side in the open air. Top sheet dispenser is designed to integrate into auto wrapper to wrap on the top of pallet automatically. The pallet is fully wrapped for better dust-proof and moisture-proof.

Top sheet dispenser

Paper corner applicator:

Paper corner is used on pallet when goods need very well protection before delivered to shelf. Paper corner applicator is composed on pallet corner magazine and corner applicator, which sucks one corner to pallet corner, when wrapper wraps around paper corner. The paper corner is then wrapped inside pallet as a whole piece. The transportation is much more safe.

Paper corner applicator

Top platen:

Top platen is very good design when pallet load is light in weight. To avoid the pallet goes out of shape, top platen is integrated into auto wrapper to hold pallet steady when wrapping progress is on.

Top platen