automatic robot wrapper

Sinolion robot wrapper is an extremely flexible wrapper. The mobile wrapper can be rolled from one place to another so you can quickly and easily wrap your pallet with film at different 

locations. This robot is specifically designed for users who want to wrap a range of large pallets. The robot is equipped with a battery, good for wrapping 130 pallets, and features a pre-stretch system so you can save on film. This machine is also available with a mechanical film brake. 

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Product Details

 Small flexible robot that is mobile with a steering wheel with control buttons for b back and forward 

• Operation outside the column 

• 2 batteries 12V / 110 Ah series connected 

• Capacity with a full battery 120-130 pallets 

• Battery charger, automatic high frequency, charging time approx. 8-10hours 

• Rotary circle 1.1m measured from outside pallet 

• Under / upper winding adjustable 0-9 / single / spiral winding 

• Pre-stretch 200% 

• Up and down speed of the film carriage is frequency controlled motor 

• Drive protection by reaction bumper on the front 

• Easy operation of the machine with pushbuttons 

• Light and sound signals when machine is in operation 

• Package contact with wheel that is adjustable at different heights 

• The machine has an English language manual 

Drive speed robot: 1-4 m/min. 

Max. speed wrapper : 90 m/min 

Total weight: approx. 400 kg 

Working hours: 24 hours / day, 7 days / week 

Operation conditions: +5 ºC to +35 ºC 

Environment: clean, dry, not aggressive 

Pre-stretch system: 200% 

Rechargeable battery charger 

Connection: 1x230 V/50 Hz m. zero conductor and edge ground 

Rated current: 2.3 A (std) 


Pallet demension (lxbxh): min. 600 x 600x 144 mm 

Pallet height (incl. pallet): max. 2000 mm 

Load outside: 50 mm maximum each side 

Top loading: flat 


Roll weight: 500 mm 

Maximum film role diameter: max. 250 mm 

Film roll inner diameter: 76mm (3”) 

Film thickness: 15 - 30 μm 



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