Stretch wrapping machine for irrigation pipe roll

Adjustable for different pipe roll dimension.

Easy operation, very friendly for operator.

Auto positioning after finished wrapping。

The wrap revolutions, speed, stretching force can be adjusted as requirement. 

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Product Details

Stretch wrapping machine for rolls of irrigation pipe, cable and gas pipe. 

Adjusting center height with one button to wrap a different dimension. 

Easy operation, very friendly for operator.

Auto positioning after finished wrapping

The wrap revolutions, speed, stretching force can be adjusted as requirement. 

Pneumatic top platen to press coil

Manual changing film. Wrap material can be film roll width 100mm or anti-rust paper.

Precise casting rotary aluminium ring

Supporting wheels: PU.

Separate electric cabinet for safety.

Safety warning device.

Technology data

Coil width                             100-400mm

Coil out diameter                   800-1000mm

Coil inner diameter                500-800mm

Packing material                    stretch film 

Film roll inner diameter           100mm

Film roll outer diameter           Max. 200mm

Rotating roller speed               80rotates/min

Max. Coil weight                     200kgs

Power supply                           2.5kw/AC380V/50HZ

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