TV backboard panel assembly robot station

2022/09/22 10:29

This is a robotic screwdriving station in the area of the production line. Bolted components are the TV mounting system, for each variant of the manufactured TV. The complete system include the use of a Yamaha robot to replace some of the screw with automatic tooling and thus speed up the production process.

The project includes the construction of a full robotic station with its integration and commissioning as well as technical support during implementation. The project assumes an initial ramp up plan and individual phases of product design and acceptance in accordance with the TPV DISPLAYS standard for machines and devices.

The valuation should take into account the execution of 9X (nine) robotic stations with a tracking system and a vision system. Each station should inspect the twist and report any errors. The offer should include 2X screwdrivers, 2X transducers (screwdriver controller), 2X feeder - as spare parts in the main offer.

Compatible with different bolts M2.5/M3/M4, etc.

Visual device for fixing bolt position.

Reject wrong bolt when used for multi bolts.

Screwing force can be calculated and stored on PLC system.

Tolerance 5%.