Packaging Process Route

2022/06/20 17:56

Packaging process route is the basis for the overall design of packaging automatic production line. It is determined on the basis of investigation and analysis of the collected data. When designing the packaging process route, it should ensure the packaging quality, high efficiency, low cost, simple structure, easy to realize automatic control, convenient maintenance and operation, etc. According to the process characteristics of automatic packaging production line, the following design principles are proposed:

1. Reasonable selection of packaging materials and containers:

The use of drum packaging materials in the packaging machine is conducive to improve the speed of the packaging machine; For collar shaper, composite packaging materials with high strength should be selected; The plastic film used by the bag making, filling and sealing machine shall be pre printed with positioning color code to ensure the correct sealing and cutting position of the package; In the automatic filling machine, in order to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the filling machine, the shape and size of the bottle mouth shall meet the requirements of accuracy.

2. Meet the concentration and dispersion of processes:

Characteristics of process centralization: due to process centralization, intermediate conveying, storage, steering and other links are reduced, so that the mechanism can be simplified; It can reduce the floor area of the production line. However, the excessive concentration of processes will add more restrictions to the packaging process, reduce the universality, increase the complexity of the mechanism, and is not easy to adjust. Therefore, when the centralized process is adopted, it shall be ensured that the adjustment and maintenance are convenient, the work is reliable, and has certain universality.

3. Balance the beat of the process

Balancing the beat of the process is one of the important problems in formulating the process scheme of the automatic packaging production line. Each packaging machine has good synchronization, which is very important to ensure the continuous and coordinated production of the automatic packaging production line. When balancing the beat, we oppose the balance method of suppressing the advanced and accommodating the backward. Specific measures are as follows:

(1) The packaging process is subdivided into simple processes, and then combined into a certain number of reasonable processes according to the principle of process concentration and dispersion and the balance of beat.

(2) Limited by conditions, if the process beat cannot be consistent, make it multiple as much as possible, and use several packaging machines in parallel to achieve the purpose of synchronization.

(3) Adopt new technologies and improve processes to fundamentally eliminate weak links such as processes affecting productivity.