Mini Reel Stretch Wrapper

2023/02/08 15:54

Mini-reel stretch wrapper is designed for packing rolls of paper, film, dipped pipe, cord fabric and similar materials manufactured in reels.

This machine is for reels in small dimension and weight. The wrapped reel is completely dust-proof and moisture-proof.

Machine introduction:
Wrapping size: Dia.(200-1200)mm; width (200-500)mm

Packing efficiency: 20-40 rolls/hour

Turntable speed: 0-12 rpm

Turntable height: 700mm

Turntable capacity: 200kgs

Film carriage: Power pre-stretch film carriage

Machine shape size: 1460mm * 840mm * 1492mm

Power supply: 0.8kw/AC 380V

Others: wrapping circle can be set

Control System

Sinolion display control system, HMI easy to operate
0-3 up & down wrap times choose
3-12RPM variable turntable speed by frequency changer
Variable carriage up/down speed
Safety push-pull emergency stop button

Film carriage

Powered pre-stretch ratio 200%

Film delivery speed by separate DC drive motor

Film dance-bar with variable speed output

Packing Materials: Stretch Film.
Width: 500mm
Thickness: 17 - 35 microns
Inner Core Dia.: 76.2 mm
Outer Dia.: 240mm