Main performance of Rotary Ring Pallet Wrapper

2022/11/25 12:17

Siemens PLC manage system, the wrapping layers, the wrapping cycles, and the pinnacle wrapping can be set on screen;

Automatic movie delivery, reduce and welding unit with pneumatic control;

Photo eye will notice the peak and size of the pallet automatically.;

Main enhance wrap feature for option;

Main performance  of Rotary Ring Pallet Wrapper
Rotating ring ought to be positioning precisely, rotating ring velocity inverter adjustable;

Rotating ring elevate with belt for constant operation, anti-full system hooked up for safety;

Film head rotate with ring, analog manage for bendy movie transport speed;

Conduct trolley to furnish electricity for movie pre-stretch, appropriate overall performance when walking to store wrapping material;

Plug between foremost manage cupboard and wrapper for simpler set up and maintenance.