Semi-Auto Arm Rotary Stretch Wrapper

Arm rotary stretch wrapper is best choice for heavy loads. This machine occupies small space and very safe in operation. It is very flexible for different pallet loads, light or heavy, low or high.

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Product Details

Stretch wrapper with rotary arm rotates around pallet. Film head delivery and film cut is finished manually. Auto film clamp and cut unit can be added as option.

Romote control available.

Pallet dimension: L1200 mm * W1200 mm * H1800 mm (including timber pallet)

Max. weight: floor capacity

The conveyor height: N/A.

Wrapping height: max. 1600mm

Slewing Bearing arm drive system.
Soft start /stop.

Heavy Structural steel Frame construction.
Power: 380 V / 3 Ph - 50 Hz
working pressure: 6Bar

Air consumption: 1000 ml / min

Supply scope

Machine main frame                                                               

Main frame in triangle structure

Supporting structure is mounted on back of mast for weight balance

The rotary arm are fixed on the frame connecting with slew bearing

Frame size: (to be confirmed by drawing)

Rotary arm with delivery device                               

Frequency control motor with brake

Rotary arm speed: n=15rpm (frequency motor with brake)

Two position limits equipped on two ends of rotary arm

Film carriage                                                              

Open-door type pre-stretch film carriage, stretch ratio 250% (1m to 3.5m)

Film carriage lifting driving: chain driving, good stability and high reliability

Driving reducer: worm gear reducer

Film carriage delivery device

The photoelectric switch is installed on the film carriage, automatic detect pallet height

Driving motor: AC motor, speed adjustable

Film delivery following up mechanism

The film delivery following up the rotary arm rotating, proximity switch control the start/stop of film delivery motor to follow up the rotary arm

Pneumatic control system

Air source required: the compressed air shall be supplied by end user to the inlet of the stop valve.

The pneumatic cylinder is controlled by control box.

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