Automatic Arm Rotary Stretch Wrapper

High efficiency wrapping without film tail;

Less film consumption, higher automation;

Flexible program settings available.

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Product Details

Automatic rotary arm wrapping machine is widely used in high speed automatic packaging system. Pallet is delivered to wrap position by conveyor. After receiving signal from conveyor photoeye, wrapper starts the wrapping progress automatically. The arm rotary speed can be 15RPM or 25RPM for different efficiency requirement.

The pallet is wrapped clean and tidy. Best choice for automatic warehouse storage packaging.

Supply scope

Machine main frame                                     

Gantry type frame, made of square steel tube, material: Q235 steel

Driving motor base is installed on the frame

The rotary arm are fixed on the frame connecting with slew bearing

Frame size: (to be confirmed by drawing)

Driving device for rotary arm                                

Frequency control motor with brake, power rated: 1.5KW   

Rotary arm speed: n=15rpm (frequency motor with brake)

Two position limits equipped on two ends of rotary arm

Film carriage                                              

Open-door type pre-stretch film carriage, stretch ratio 200% (1m to 3m)

Film carriage lifting driving: chain driving, good stability and high reliability

Driving reducer: worm gear reducer

Motor power: 0.37kw

Film carriage delivery device                                

The photoelectric switch is installed on the film carriage, automatic detect the height of the pallet

Driving motor: AC motor, speed adjustable

Power rated of film delivery driving motor: 0.37KW

Film delivery following up mechanism

The film delivery following up the rotary arm rotating, the proximity switch control the start/stop of film delivery motor to follow up the rotary arm

Film auto feeding and cutting device                          

When stretch wrapping finish, the film will be cut and clamped automatically.

When the film tail is released from the clamp, the air shooter will blow the film tail up, then the film tail will be wrapped by stretch film and keep it tightly with the pallet to ensure no film tail produced.

Film hot melt cutting adopts electrical heating wire to cut the film.

After film being cut, the hot sealer will seal the film tail automatically to ensure no film tail come out.

Pneumatic control system                                   

Air source required: the compressed air shall be supplied by end user to the inlet of the stop valve.

The pneumatic cylinder is controlled by control box.

Safety interlock device                                     

Start-up of the rotary arm & conveyor

The safety fence has the function of power cut when the door be opened. (For option of safeguard fence)

Electrical control system                                       

PLC control system, the wrapping layers, the wrapping cycles, and the time of top wrapping.  

8 programs can be set in the PLC system for different packing options.

The safety command can be added on the control program, add PLC extension module to ensure the safety of the machine.

The operating parameter can be set on touch screen, more convenient for operation.

Photo eye will detect the height of the pallet automatically.

Slewing bearing driving the rotary arm, high precision positioning.

The driving speed of rotary arm, roll conveyor, film carriage lifting are adjustable individually, the film delivery speed is also adjustable, equipped alarm for film break.

The wrapping machine is powered with pause/manual/automatic wrapping switch function, in order to ensure the better operating.

The machine is equipped with running warning light.

The machine is equipped with Ethernet interface, used for outputting the related information of the wrapping machine (Include the production quantity, mechanical efficiency, fault information etc.) 

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